Roycederm Antifungal cream

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  1. EFFECTIVE FORMULA: Our antifungal cream is clinically proven to effectively treat common fungal infections such as jock itch, athlete’s foot, ringworm, and other superficial fungal infections.
  2. POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: Formulated with powerful mild ingredients for maximum effectiveness in treating fungal infections.
  3. RELIEVES ITCHING & BURNING: Soothes and relieves itching, burning, and discomfort associated with fungal infections for quick relief.
  4. EASY APPLICATION: Our antifungal cream is easy to apply and quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving no greasy or sticky residue.
  5. SAFE FOR DAILY USE: Safe and gentle for daily use, suitable for all skin types, and can be used on various parts of the body affected by fungal infections.


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